12 Signs That Your Partner Is Madly In Love With You

True love is not just about the way you feel it, but it can also be seen. But if you’re one of those people who demands evidence in any case and prefers reality to deductions, keep your eyes peeled for the indications mentioned below.


We looked at a number of happy couples and came up with a collection of indicators that you are loved a lot by your partner.

 1 – They share food with each other.

Joey from “Friends,” a famous television show from the 1990s, never shared his food with others, even when the individual in question was a girl he fancied and had a date with. In reality, he did the very opposite, never missing an opportunity to consume the girl’s portion while she went to the ladies’ toilet.

Many individuals, it seems, despise it when anyone takes a taste of their meal without requesting first. Many men often find it strange to feed each other with a spoon or fork in a romantic setting. This explains why it’s a positive indication of love to see your companion share their food with you, giving you a sample, and never minding you feeding off their plate in public or at home.

2 – They leave voice messages for you.

These days, online contact consumes the most of our time with others. It’s a decent option for those who can’t spend as much time together as they’d want but who want to keep in touch.

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