50 Stores Making Shopping Fun With Their Creativity

On the surface, you might think every store is the same. Products come in, they get stocked on the shelves, and then customers make their selections and pay. Right?

That’s true in essence, but there’s a lot more to it than that. And with the rise of technology, people are coming up with more ways to improve stores of every kind. That means making them more accessible, sustainable, and enjoyable.

People have come up with some amazing ideas. Some of them help with the support of local farms, some make it easier for families to shop with young kids in tow, and some are just about fixing small, everyday problems that are just a part of life.

Whether they’re solving problems big or small, these ideas have one thing in common. They’re great enough to make people stop, stare, and think, “That is so cool!”

Unfortunately, not all stores have all these amazing solutions. If they did, it would make boring grocery shopping a thing of the past. In fact, a lot of people would go to the grocery store just for fun.

So, no store is perfect. But these 50 have some great ideas that make them pretty close.

1. For the super annoying carts

Source: Reddit/Master-Obvious
We’ve all ended up with a cart that has a squeaky wheel — or even worse, the wheel that won’t stop spinning out of control. This store came up with a great way to take the broken carts temporarily out of the rotation.

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