Millennial Things that will Confuse Gen Z

Since the beginning of time, generations have fought amongst each other to prove themselves as the worthiest. Every generation has experienced something so unique in their times that they insist on it being the best. We as millennials have seen simpler times; Times without smartphones and Instagram. We’ve been through times and used things that Gen Z can’t even begin to imagine. With that said, let’s scroll down and take a look at a few of the things these new kids can’t relate to.

Dial-up Internet

If you’re a millennial, I’m sure you could hear the dial-up tone coming through the picture above! Back in the ’90s, people didn’t have high-speed Wi-Fi. Getting connected to the internet used to be a challenge on its own. It took a long time, including a headache from those god-awful tones, just to go online. Even when you were online, the snail-speed internet wouldn’t let you do much. The cherry on top- you couldn’t use your phone line once you connected to the internet!

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