Your Favorite Child Stars – Where Are They Now?

Have you ever thought about your favorite child actors that you used to see in Hollywood movies? Nothing can beat the excitement of those times. Some of them have given great performances but now are nowhere on big screens.

Have you ever imagined what they must be doing now? Worry not! We have listed a few of your favorite child stars whom you loved growing up. Find out where they are today.

Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

How adorable were they back then? Mary-Kate and Ashley, aka the Olsen twins, were quite the roar. At the age of 6, they both started their careers on TV, in films, and in video projects. At a very young age, both sisters ranked as two of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. Not only in show business, but they have also excelled far in the fashion industry through their clothing brand.

Dylan and Cole Sprouse

Who can forget the Sprouse Brothers? They were so young when they started their acting career and got fame through Disney Channel. One of them played Ross’s son from the series Friends. The twins earned highly during their teenage years. They became the richest teen twins in the world. After completing their studies, they were both appointed as international ambassadors of the Koyamada International Foundation.

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